Style is a gift from God.

my story

I want to start my blog posts by introducing myself to the world. My name is Alicia Felise Wiley, I am a Christian, Preacher's Kid, and a lover of all things fashion!

As I grew up and began to discover my love for fashion, I found that in the world I lived in, fashion wasn't a valid way to express oneself. Not only was it not valid for self expression, it was not ok to dress the way I liked. Too tight, too short, too colorful, too much like something a young woman would wear. Believe me, I've heard it all. As a teen, I did not care what people thought and did not change a thing.

Time changes things! I actually begin to try to dress more appropriately but I could not catch a break. I was so tired of people criticizing what I wore that I gave myself a uniform (black maxi dress and black cardigan). I wore it every Sunday, for months. Not long after instituting my "uniform" I started to feel down and a little depressed. Yes, my maxi was fabulous but I felt a part of me had died. I did not realize why at first.  One day it dawned on me! I was so busy trying to make others happy that I abandoned something that made me happy. I did not understand why I had to compromise my happiness and soon figured out I did not and I would not compromise.

So, the challenge began! I was on the hunt for fashionable yet appropriate clothing, which was not an easy task. If it was appropriate and cute, it was too expensive. If it was the right length, it was cut too low at the top. If it was modestly covered on the top, it was too short. I had had enough, thus A Church Girl was born.

I knew I couldn't be the only person who has had such experiences. ACG is a place where women can share their stories, get fashion tips and advice, help younger women discover/develop their personal style, and of course your go-to for modern, fashionable, fabulous, and appropriate church and business clothing.


That's my story! Feel free to share your stories as well, I'd love to hear them.

Eternally Stylish,