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TGIS: Thank God It's Spring!

I think I can speak for us all when I say, YAAAYYYY SPRING! This spring has been a long time coming and due to our crazy winter weather, I am convinced it took the scenic route. Extremely cold temperatures has a way of cramping our fashion fabulosity a bit but it's time for a change! 

Although we are throwing a mental party, it can be difficult to dress while transitioning from one season to another. It is starting to warm up but it's not quite warm enough to 86 the sweaters and boots but it is also not time for flip flops and cut offs. So, what are we to do? I'm glad you asked. 

In 2012, I hosted a fashion web show, the a team. We covered several topics and gave lots of fashion tips and advice. One of my favorite episodes was, Seasons Change. On this episode we gave advice on how to get through this transition period. Check it out: 

My co-host was Paris Hatcher, a local stylist and so much more! For more information on Paris, visit her blog If you enjoyed this episode of the a team, check out the a team's youtube channel  

I want to leave you with some Spring trends that I love and ones that we should all give a try. Why do I love them? Because they are trends that are straight from the runway, but that translate to everyday girls, like you and me. Check them out here:

Happy Spring! 

Eternally Stylish,