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The other day, my friend Asia posted a photo of herself on Facebook with no makeup. She tagged her friends and asked them to do the same. In the world we live in, where it is important to be flawless and faces are beat 24/7, it is wonderful that someone is focusing on natural beauty. It was a great response of several beautiful women without makeup, so I asked her to write a blog post about it! Enjoy!

While perusing through Youtube videos the other day I came across a “Get Ready With Me” clip and decided to take a watch. The first few minutes of the video was of this BEAUTIFUL girl all made up ranting about how many people have requested she do a tutorial on her current look. I was just as excited to see how she achieved it, but the next few seconds FLOORED ME! The video cut and when it returned this beloved Youtuber was #BareFaced and a COMPLETELY different looking person…her skin color wasn’t even the same, to say the least. I immediately went from, “No She Didn’t!” to “That’s transformation to the max!” (I know, shame on me).

From that point, I had a long talk with myself and said, “STOP!!” Because I was falling into the same category. I wouldn’t call my looks a full out “transformation”. but the more I wore makeup, the less beautiful I felt without it. I didn’t feel confident enough to show my own face anymore and arrival of THAT feeling was when I knew I needed to detoxify my looks. One day I just decided to jump and do it, I went from wearing makeup seven days a week to wearing it on ONE, and that day is Sunday. To help aid the process, I started drinking water and exercising to feel better about myself and so far I love the skin I’m in yet again. After seeing that video, I even posted a status of me bare faced on Facebook and challenged my friends and their  friends to post selfies of them baring nothing but their God-given facial features.

It was pretty cool watching beauty after beauty upload pictures of themselves without the “extra." The support from them made me feel empowered and more confident…and I’d like to keep the #MadeWithoutMakeup train steaming. Now I still LOVE putting on for the Gram, the Book, and the saints; in fact makeup makes me feel feminine but lately, I’ve just been finding so much joy in being “basic."  Below, I’ve comprised a list of the top 6 reasons I love going without makeup these days, my reasons are a bit comical but ALL of them are the truth!

 1.        Being able to rub your eye and not annihilate your eye shadow or smudge your brow pencil.

2.        Not having to dab your face 10 times a day and see your foundation on a tissue as if you’re dirty.

3.        Being able to cry real ugly if you need to without being worried about mascara running or checking for lashes being loose (shout out to the ladies who’ve mastered lashes, I don’t know how to do it).

4.        Being able to hug folks (at church or in public) without getting makeup on their shirt and having to play it off like it was already there.

5.        Being able to look in the mirror and seeing that there’s just ONE of you and not you, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Maybelline and a bunch of other folks!

6.        Just feeling FREE!

 Always remember, what people really want to see is the real you.

“Put on your fancy threads and wand your curls to perfection as the platter, but let it be your beautiful smile and class that serves ‘em every time!”

-Asia B.

 “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon 4:7

#SolomonSaidThat  #LOL

Here are our #madewithoutmakeup photos!

Asia B,

Asia B,

Alicia W. (me)

Alicia W. (me)

Are you brave enough to join the movement? If so, here is the link:

Let's show the world that we don't need enhancements to be beautiful! As Bey would say,
"I woke up like dis!" ; )

Eternally Stylish,