Style is a gift from God.

Alicia F. Wiley is the owner and creator of ACG. The brand is the lovechild of her passion and experience. Growing up in a church environment, that is not always kind to fashion forward individuals, she sometimes had a difficult time trying to please people. Having a fiery personality and a bold attitude, people pleasing was not a priority.

As she matured, she realized that some of what she wore may have been a little inappropriate for a church environment. So, she decided to change her image little. After searching for appropriate and fashionable clothing and most of the time coming up empty, frustration set in. Thus, A Church Girl was born.

Alicia launched A Church Girl in March 2014 and it immediately took off. By the end of 2014 the brand expanded to a men’s (A Classic Gentleman) boy’s (A Little Classic Gentleman) and girl’s (A Little Church Girl) line. The acronym, ACG says it all!